Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance

Plasson Limited manufactures their fitting systems to comply with the required standards in the countries in which they are supplied.

In Australia and New Zealand a unified Standards systems exists and the required standard for Plasson fittings is Australian Standard AS/NZS 4129.

Plasson fully complies with this Standard and are one of the few suppliers having a Standardsmark licence – No 2018 - issued by SAI Global for both mechanical and electrofusion fittings.


Plasson Limited is ISO 9002 compliant and also manufactures to comply with ISO, CEN and local standards of many other countries.

Plasson Limited maintain a large quality control operation and the fittings are designed to not only meet the requirements of the various standards but to work reliably in the varying extremes of field conditions. Plasson knows that making to a Standard is only the starting point .To make products that perform reliably for years in operation they always design their manufacturing and quality control systems to ensure the products substantially exceed all Standards requirements.


Plasson’s secret for high quality products is simple:

  • Excellent engineering design
  • The best manufacturing equipment
  • The best raw materials
  • A rigorous quality control system