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Announcement: Electrofusion Pin Change

Important Notice: Introduction of 4.0mm Pins on Plasson Electrofusion Fittings

During 2019 Plasson will phase out the production of fittings with 4.7mm welding terminals or pins and standardise on 4.0mm.

Plasson has been providing products with 4.0mm pins in other markets for a long period, and this change will improve production times and inventory management which will enable us to provide better service to our customers.

We have been preparing for this change for over two years with the goal of minimising the impact on users of Plasson Electrofusion products. Some important information is provided below to help ensure the change is as smooth as possible. 


Product Codes - No change

We are not changing the catalogue numbers of our Electrofusion products. You can continue to order using your existing Plasson codes.

Plasson tracks pin dimensions and other batch related data via a unique batch number that is printed on each fitting, bag and carton.


Plasson Control Boxes

All Plasson control boxes sold in the last 24 months have been fitted with universal welding tips that can weld both 4.7mm and 4.0mm pins without the need for adaptors.

In addition, all control boxes that have been serviced or calibrated by an authorised Plasson service agent since January 2017 have had their welding tips upgraded to the new universal tips (shown in the image below).

Plasson universal tips

This upgrade is provided free of charge when you have your control box serviced and calibrated.

Reminder: Your control box must be calibrated every 12 months to provide safe and reliable welds.

To request a service and calibration with complimentary upgrade to universal welding tips, please complete our Service Request Form.

We are offering a 20% discount on our standard service fee for control boxes received before the 28th of February 2019.

Note: This only applies to boxes sent to Plasson for servicing.



If installers are not using a Plasson control box – or a Plasson control box that has not been fitted with universal tips – adaptors are available to convert the leads to the suitable pin size.

We are making these available at a subsidised price for the period of the change-over. However, the best solution is to use a Plasson control box with the universal tips


Benefit from our promotion and get a special price on adaptors. Hurry, sale ends 30 June 2019. 

Additional savings are available for larger quantities.

Contact your Plasson sales person for more details.

Select the adaptor based on using the control box in SmartFuse or Manual mode. If you are using the Plasson SMARTFuse automatic weld time recognition function,
you must choose the adaptors for SMARTFuse use shown below.

Adaptors control boxes

*SmartFuse applications do not require a scanner to read the fitting barcode. Simply connect the red cable to the fitting’s red terminal and
the black cable to the other terminal and the control box automatically detect the weld time. Press start on the control box to complete the weld.

**Manual applications require the fitting barcode to be scanned. Using these adaptors will not allow the machine to work in SmartFuse mode.


How to identify which pins on a Plasson fitting

As there is a large amount of Plasson fittings in the market, we anticipate that there will be an extended period where installers may receive a mixture of 4.0 and 4.7mm pins.

To identify which pins the fitting has there are marking on the fitting barcode label, the fitting bag and on the master carton as shown below.

Identifying pin size on Plasson fitting


Contact the PLASSON team if you require more information.