Wondering how to join pieces of pipe of different sizes?   PLASSON make it simple.  Reducing sets and reducing fittings are the quick and reliable way to connect different diameter HDPE pipe.

Reducing sets are literally a set of inserts which fit inside PLASSON poly pipe joiners to change the diameter of pipe the coupler is compatible with. The sets come in two size ranges and offer an economical way to use standard fittings as poly pipe joiners on different diameter pipe work.

Compression reducer fittings are engineered with different sized outlets to match common pipe sizes and are usually PN16 rated. Reducer compression fittings are made from PE100 and are precision molded to they are light yet tough.

Using a compression reducing tee off a metric HDPE pipe provides a smaller size outlet to the main pipe
Compression reducing tees are often used to supply water or other fluids from a main pipeline
The smaller off-take will have less flow than the original pipeline

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