Global Presence – Local Commitment

Plasson is a global leader in the development and manufacture of innovative solutions for connecting polyethylene and other pipelines.

We started with fittings for agricultural irrigation in the 1960s and have now developed solutions and systems for water, gas, waste and chemical pipelines. Fluid delivery systems throughout the world owe their excellence to Plasson’s innovative research and development. Plasson delivers innovative products to a variety of industries including irrigation, rural, water utility, plumbing, mining and gas distribution applications. Our fittings have proved to be the most reliable connection systems for polyethylene pipeline systems in Australian conditions for over 40 years.

PLASSON Australia Pty Ltd is a wholly-owned subsidiary of PLASSON Limited and distributes a variety of products to its network of resellers and users of Plasson systems in Australia and New Zealand. Headquartered in Israel, Plasson operates in more than 100 countries, with approximately 2,000 employees and over 25 subsidiaries worldwide. 

From development and design through production, assembly, packaging, distribution, delivery, and after-sales services, with over 50 years of experience in research and development, we constantly aim to be the leader in innovative products and solutions to suit the ever-evolving customer needs. 

We have numerous patents which have given us a competitive advantage in international markets.

Plasson systems also provide connections to other pipes: steel, copper, ductile iron, PVC, cross-linked polyethylene, polybutylene and polypropylene.

Code of Ethics
Our core values of Fairness, Transparency, Integrity, Respect for Others and Reliability form the backbone of our business. We are committed to ethically conducting our business, in line with the principles of corporate social responsibility (CSR). Plasson has been rated by the Maala Organization for Social Responsibility since 2006 and earned Platinum rankings in the years 2015-2016. Maala is the non-profit CSR standards-setting organisation in Israel.

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)
Our global involvement in the community has been part of our company values, goals and activities from the beginning of our history. We believe in our vision of a two-way connection of giving and receiving to create an equal, rightful and fair reality for the society and the environment. Making a mark in saving the native wildlife of Australia has been close to our heart.

We’re supporting the Tasmanian Devil
Under a 12 months sponsorship, Plasson supports the life of one endangered Tasmanian Devil with the name “Plasson” at “Devils@Cradle”, a unique Tasmanian conservation sanctuary located at the entrance to the World Heritage-listed Cradle Mountain National Park. The funds Plasson Australia is providing assistance with veterinary assessments and supplies, daily food and husbandry requirements. Plasson comes from the Hebrew words for Plastic (Plass) and strength (on). We chose the devil name Plasson because we do believe in the strength and resilience of the Tassie devil to live for many more years.

Environmental Policy

Plasson ensures superior designs and products, the most comprehensive range of fittings and adaptors and a genuine commitment to quality, delivery and service. Plasson continues to strive for the future environment. By using Plasson products, you help us to invest in our vision of a world where clean, pure water will be everyone’s birthright. 

Plasson is committed to:

  • Use of environmentally friendly materials
  • Proper treatment of waste, wastewater and emissions
  • Progressive recycling policies
  • Prevention or reduction of environmental hazards
  • Reduction in the use of energy and natural resources


Our Core Values
Our constant improvement and aspiration for excellence lead to the uncompromising quality of our products and customer service.

Integrity – We are honest, open, ethical and fair with our employees, customers and partners, even if profit is compromised.

Innovation and initiative are our platforms to become a leading international company. We continuously invest in new resources and promote new and revolutionary ideas.

Our personal connection allows our employees to maximise their accomplishments as individuals as well in teamwork. We invest in cooperation and long-lasting relationships.

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