Avi, you are so positive and full of energy…. if we were to box you up (don’t worry, only a hypothetical) and pop you into the new PLASSON catalogue, what would the blurb say?

I like to think that I’m a very easy going individual. I’m confident, loud, love to make people laugh and them feel good about themselves.  Married for almost 12 yrs with the best human I know off. Have three very energetic cheeky intelligent kids who keep me young. Love spending time with them

Apart from my family – food and sports are my very passionate things in life. In particular Football(soccer), massive Liverpool FC fan. Not just any fan but the fan that watches all the games LIVE in the middle of the night. I personally believe that sleep is overrated, you miss out on so many things!

I started at PLASSON Australia in December 2018. It’s definitely something that was a well timed opportunity for me in my current life time

Explaining technical things over the phone is one of my enjoyable experience as it is a chance to build trust with the person on the other side also bonus points if I can help them with what they are after.  The surprising thing I have been asked is whether we have clear see-through fittings for sewer applications…. I think we can all imagine what that would look like!

My new role in Quotes and Projects has me involved in lots of queries regarding pricing for small to large projects, from one application quotes to large tenders. More of a formal Price and Availability role but lots of volume and in various forms.

Problem solving and customer interaction is certainly one of the biggest reasons why I went for this role. I have confidence in my ability to learn but to also use my personal skills to build customer relationship and trust in PLASSON fittings.