Push-fit fittings are popular in Australia because they provide an easy and secure connection with a simple, well, push. Popularly used throughout plumbing, quick-connect fittings can be found anywhere that requires the transporting of water.

PLASSON has a range of PushFit fittings called Series One.

Series One Push-Fit couplers provide connect PE to a variety of plumbing pipe materials including PEX.

Inserting the pipe up to the fitting stop creates both the seal and grip on the pipe – ensuring a full seal in positive and negative pressures.


How good are PLASSON PushFit couplers?  They are a tough, secure option for connecting PE and other pipe materials such as copper, PB, PEX.  Series One fittings are compact and minimal so are ideal for residential plumbing, where space can be limited and appearance is crucial.
PLASSON Series One fittings are available exclusively in Australia through Reece.
The range includes elbows, tees and adapters as well as a range of standard couplers for PE pipe sizes 20mm, 25mm, 32mm, 40mm and 50mm .