The PLASSON range includes metric and rural poly pipe fittings for water, waste water, industrial fluid and utilities pipelines.

Connect with PLASSON compression fittings and you get the benefit of innovative engineering that means our fittings go on the pipe and seal water-tight instantly!

Instant Sealing

PLASSON compression fittings have a captive O-ring design that delivers a water-tight seal before you even tighten the nut.

And with the PLASSON rural compression fittings range, you don’t need any special tools to install – just do the nuts up firmly by hand and the job is done.


Our fittings can be converted to connect to metric poly (blue line), rural poly pipe, PVC, steel, and copper pipes.

Long Body

The long body on PLASSON fittings also ensures the seal will not be affected by bending loads or ground movement.

Pull-out Resistant

All PLASSON fittings exceed the pull-out requirements of Australian Standards making PLASSON ideal for submersible bore jobs.

PLASSON has also developed the innovative SmartFuse electrofusion system designed to deliver quality connections for  gas, fire mains, water and waste water pipelines.

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