Tough and reliable

Quality connections – outstanding performance

PLASSON has an extensive range of threaded poly pipe joiners.  Our BSP threaded fittings are made from the same high performance UV-resistant plastic as the other fittings in the PLASSON range.

The entire range is precision-engineered from tough PPB to ensure a long service life.  PLASSON is designed to go on and stay on and on and on.

When you need reliable connections and long system life, connect with PLASSON.

PLASSON fittings are manufactured to ISO9001 quality standard

When connecting with PLASSON BSP threaded fittings you know you are getting reliable, strong fittings that will go on and stay on and on and on.

BSP threaded poly pipe joiners deliver high performance connections for a wide range of pressure ratings and chemical combinations.


PLASSON threaded fittings are strong, tough and not afraid of the weather

Our fittings handle even the toughest industrial applications thanks to their proven strength, durability, temperature and corrosion resistance.

We precision-engineer BSP Threaded fittings to deliver strong, tight connections and all PLASSON products stand up to Australian conditions, above or below ground. When you need a solid connection, get PLASSON it.

PLASSON BSP threaded fittings are precision engineered for reliable connections

BSP threaded fittings make it easy to connect all kinds of fittings to poly pipe, also known as HDPE or PE.

PE is a cost-effective solution for mining, civil, water treatment, irrigation and agricultural pipelines.

It has been tested and proven effective for above ground, surface, buried, slip lined, floating and sub-surface marine applications.

Whether for a fire main, gas pipe, water or slurry, poly pipe fittings that go in the ground need to be strong, stable and reliable. PE is highly durable, resistant to corrosion, chemical resistant and leak free.

PLASSON fittings are engineered to deliver.