PLASSON valves have been keeping Australia flowing for over 40 years

All PLASSON ball valves operate under a range of temperatures and pressures.  Made from tough, UV resistant materials, our valves also cope with aggressive fluids and are corrosion-resistant.

Our Ball Valves are quick and easy to install. A simple on/off action puts flow control at your finger tips. The range also includes a lockable option for situations were security is key.

Ball valve corrosion and chemical resistant | PLASSON Australia

With high quality injection moulded plastic components and NBR O-rings, PLASSON valves deliver years of reliable service.

Simple and cost-effective control

PLASSON Quick Coupling Valves allow pressurized water to be turned off and on with a simple click in key.

Plasson Quick Coupling Valve for cost-effective irrigation

Usually installed at ground level, the QCV internal valve is normally closed so water does not leak out.

The valve is activated by lifting the flipcap and inserting the “KEY”. On top of the key you can insert a sprinkler or a hose.

QCV’s deliver cost-effective irrigation and stock watering without complicated systems or software.

Benefits of PLASSON Quick Coupling Valves:

  • Versatile, Lightweight and Strong
  • Frost Friendly –  able to handle cold climates
  • Won’t rust or corrode in general or salt water applications
  • Manufactured from non Corrosive, UV Stabilised Materials
  • Potable Water Approved (AS/NZS 4020 drinking water test standard)
  • Removable Handles for security and varying applications
  • High Pressure Rating: 16 Bar/235 PSI @ 20°C
  • Will function across a wide range of operating pressures and


PLASSON Quick Coupling Valves offer discrete access to water from any irrigation system

Simply install the valve at ground level or below your mowing height and you have water access ready to flow.

The internal valve and cap stops water from flowing through the QCV when not in use, allowing you to regulate the number of sprinklers in use.

This makes PLASSON Quick Coupling Valves perfect for fixed or temporary watering systems, hoses, sprinklers, and taps.

Plasson Australia has simply smart valves to stop and go the flow