Plasson takes up sponsorship of endangered Tasmanian Devil

With the Tasmanian Devil called “Plasson”, Plasson Australia has welcomed a new member to the family. 
Under an exclusive 12 month sponsorship, Plasson supports the life of one endangered Tasmanian Devil 
at “Devils@Cradle”, a unique Tasmanian conservation sanctuary located at the entrance to the World
Heritage listed Cradle Mountain National Park.

Sponsoring the Tasmanian Devil

The funds Plasson Australia is providing will assist with veterinary assessments and supplies, daily food and husbandry
requirements and future planning for the life of the animal such as enclosures, breeding requirements and transportation.


Plasson has teamed up with its German manufacturing partner SIMONA AG and Tasmanian customer Mitchell Plastic Welding to sponsor a total of three devils jointly. Their names are Plasson, Simona and Mitchell.

“Plasson comes from the Hebrew words for Plastic (Plass) and strength (on). We chose the devil name Plasson not only for the obvious reason but also because we do believe in the strength and resilience of the Tassie devil to live for many more years” says Joshua Kirton, CEO Plasson Australia.

Found only in Tasmania, the Tasmanian Devil has been classified as ‘endangered’ following a decline of up to 90 per cent across its natural range due to a contagious facial cancer known as Devil Facial Tumour Disease (DFTD).
The Save the Tasmanian Devil Program was established in response to DFTD. Despite the decline in numbers since the early 1990s, populations of Tasmanian devils remain widespread in Tasmania from the coast to the mountains.

Plasson's global Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) has been part of the company values, goals and activities from the beginning of the company’s history. “Making a mark in saving the native wildlife of Australia has been close to our heart.
The additional support of our two business partners makes sponsorship even more significant for us,” says Joshua Kirton.


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