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10/12/2020 – December Issue: Plasson News: Christmas and New Year Closure 

26/11/2020 – November Issue: Plasson News: How to install Poly to Copper fittings + Christmas Shutdown Notice

29/10/2020 – October Issue: Plasson News: Video Tutorials - How to install Plasson Slip Repair Fittings

08/09/2020 – September Issue: Plasson News: The big boys are now in stock - SIMONA injection-moulded 630/SDR11 long spigot tees

04/08/2020 – August Issue: Plasson News: Learn how easily Plasson fittings are put together + Welding Wipes back in stock

30/06/2020 – June Issue: Plasson News: Launch of PE Full Face Flanges + Learn more about hot tapping

28/05/2020 – May Issue: Plasson News: Psst... we are live

31/03/2020 – March Issue: Plasson News: Our warehouses and sales operations are open

06/02/2020 – February Issue: Plasson News: Ball Valve with long handle + Melbourne warehouse in full swing

11/12/2019 – November/December Issue: Plasson News: Own warehouse in Melbourne now open + New EF Branch Saddle

30/10/2019 – October Issue: Plasson News: Sponsored Tassie devil in good health + Take 10% Off Ball Valves

30/09/2019 – September Issue: Plasson News: Fix many leaks with the Universal Slip Repair Coupler + why your Control Box needs...

28/08/2019 – August Issue: Plasson News: Meet our new family member + New range of size-specific peelers

31/07/2019 – July Issue: Plasson News: Explore the benefits of the innovative Electrofusion Sensor Adaptor

26/06/2019 – June Issue: Plasson News: Adjustable Elbow: welding to pipes at any angle up to 12° per side

28/05/2019 – May Issue: Plasson Newsletter: Plasson distributes in Darwin + Explore Australia's largest range of Tapping Saddles

30/04/2019 – April Issue: Plasson Newsletter: Say goodbye to wrenches, hassles & leaks with our compression fittings

26/03/2019 – March Issue: Plasson Newsletter: Special Offer on XL Welding Wipes + Introduction of Pressure Reducing Valve

27/02/2019 – February Issue: Plasson's innovative Drill Powered Pipe End Peeler for fast and consistent peel depth



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