If you want tough, flexible pipe fittings that withstand a range of conditions, pressures and aggressive fluids, connect with PLASSON.

Our metric poly pipe joiners are PN16 rated and are suitable for both high and low pressure.

PLASSON metric compression fittings are engineered from high quality materials.

Our innovative design features help ensure leak-free pipelines for residential and commercial plumbing as well as civil and industrial applications.

PLASSON engineers innovative pipe joining solutions – connect with us!


PLASSON delivers in hot and cold climates

Our PE pipeline joiners are engineered to handle Aussie conditions

When the job calls for flexible fittings that can withstand a range of conditions, pressures and aggressive fluids, connect with PLASSON.
PLASSON metric compression fittings have an innovative O-ring design. This delivers a water-tight seal the instant the fitting goes on the pipe.

All PLASSON compression fittings feature captive O-Rings, a long body and strong grip rings to help ensure long-lasting, leak-free connections.

  • Body and nut material: Polypropylene, high-grade copolymer
  • Split ring material: Polyacetal
  • Seal material: NBR
  • Maximum temperature of use for fittings and valves is the same as that for polyethylene pipe and they are not intended for use in hot water applications. They will withstand sub-zero temperatures.
  • Resistance to chemical
  • Compatible with PELD, PEHD, PE40, PE80 and PE100 pipes complying with AS/NZS 4130 Series 1

Often when assembling fittings, assemblers and engineers assume that “tighter is better”. This isn’t the case for metric compression fittings.   Insufficient tightening of the compression nut will not create enough contact between fitting and pipe, but over-tightening can lead to surface contact which weakens the seal and often results in leaks

Polyethylene is a cost-effective and technically superior alternative to many materials. It is easy to install, requires minimal connections and delivers exceptional system lifespan.

With over 40 years of installed history in the harshest of Australian conditions, PLASSON fittings are the toughest, most reliable and easiest to install poly pipe fittings available.


We have earned a reputation for delivering reliable connections for poly pipelines in Australia for over 40 years.

PLASSON metric compression fittings are ideal for PN16 blueline PE pipe and can be used in residential, industrial, irrigation and civil applications.

Metric compression fittings are easy to install and have high-quality precision-molded parts that are resistant to corrosion in all conditions.

Polyethylene pipes are commonly known as PE, HDPE or high-density polyethylene. This kind of pipe withstands high temperatures like those for kitchen waste or household drainage. PE pipe connected with PLASSON metric compression fittings delivers long-lasting, reliable residential and commercial plumbing.


Metric compression fittings are very strong and reliable and can be installed with a minimum of tools.  PLASSON compression fittings do not require any heating and work well even with wet pipes.

Compression fittings have options to connect household plumbing and pipes made of materials like:

  • Brass
  • PVC
  • Copper
  • Polyethylene